ALERT : VLC Player damages laptop speakers ??

Be Cautious with your VLC Media Player

Every one knows VLC media Player is a global awesome player for playing both Audio and Video Formats, it plays almost all available Formats. It has lots of advantages, one main advantage is its Volume Option, in VLC media Player you can Set 2 Times Higher Volume than other Media Players. This Volume can be Easily increased using Ctrl + UP ARROW or Scrolling mouse Wheel up.

When you keep the volume at 400%, it amplifies sound than normal output. The Speakers Used in Desktop Computers Can Produce sound than normal, but if you take laptop speakers there is a limit for producing the sound, it is designed for portable purpose, If the limit exceeds your Laptop Speaker will get Spoiled so always keep low sound in VLC media player if you are using it in laptop.

The Other important thing is “You Can’t Claim Warranty From the Manufacture” because its your mistake. You Have to Spend Your own Bucks to Repair it. So Keep your Volume Lower or Use Headphones or External Speakers.